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The result of our research in the world of clothing
Over the years Soltex, thanks to the tireless research, the continuous technological advancement and the study of the textile sector, has managed to achieve excellent results in the production of printing machines for all kinds of fabrics. Our technologies, in fact, allow you to print on all types of fabric of different compositions and on the most complex materials, quickly and with an excellent quality result. We stand out for the flexibility and ability to offer printing machines that are able to print on all supports, thus meeting the demands of each customer.
The potential of our printing machines is unlimited, the customer can transform their fabrics into works of art playing with different effects and designs of all types. Soltex printers ensure a uniform result even on the most problematic material. Among our best results: elastic fibers that do not have white parts when they are pulled and nets that are completely dyed with a uniform effect. For the most audacious projects, Soltex allows you to print fluorescent colors on nylon and polyester fabrics with unprecedented color rendering. In addition, our machines are perfect for corrosion printing with customizable designs. Another feature that distinguishes us is the DIGITAL AIRBRUSH, we get an excellent penetration of color and a “handmade” effect, commonly known as the iconic tie dye. To be complete on the market we also offer direct-to-garment printing machines, thanks to our heads we have the ability to print front and back with a single pass. This is our know-how, acquired through years of study and research to offer printers that have no limits and can support designers.
Why choose our fabric printing machines?

Our Soltex Team has studied the ideal solutions for printing on all sorts of fabrics. We guarantee the maximum penetration and brilliance of the color, as well as the high resistance of nuances and details that remain over time. Our machines do not limit creativity, they allow you to print infinite types of drawings and graphics using any color palette.

The special attention to customer needs, flexibility and our expertise make Soltex the ideal partner for the creation and development of customized printing machines, offering solutions tailored to customer requests and desires.

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