Moquette Printing

With SolTex digital printer you can satisfy your customers and save money and time.
Rainbow is a digital  printer designed and developed by SolTex based on  “valve jet” technology; with SolTex digital printers you can easily print different effects on a wide range of support, including: PET, PTT, Nylon, cotton , wool in a different substrates configurations such as loop Pile, cut Pile and needle punched.
Heads, composed with special high frequequencies valves, are express designed in size and shape to meet the quality and production needs.
The  materials used  for the construction of the heads, such as titanium and stainless steel, are compatible with almost all the fluids.
All these characteristics open to a wide range of possibilities that are not limited to only colors but also to bleaching, reserve, corrosive, additive and many others.

A perfect control of the fluid quantity combined with the possibility to add all the necessary additives in the ink formulation, allow to reach the best result in terms of penetration and definition.

The software that manages the printer is able to combine, with extreme versatility, colors and to reproduce photos with high accuracy. The operator, via a dedicated interface, is able to handle all the functions of printing and can easily decide the quantity of fluid to be applied, the resolution and the printing speed.

SolTex digital printer has been developed in order to be used with 8 colours in configuration CMYK, spot and in the version multichannel.