Leather Printing

Leather printer based on “valve jet” technology.
Heads, composed with a specials high frequency valves , they are designed in size and shape to meet the needs of quality and production.

The materials used on the head construction, such as Titanium and stainless steel , are compatible with all most all the fluid that are necessary to use for the actually and future products.

All these characteristic open to a wide range a possibility that are not “ limited “ to only colors but also to bleaching , reserve , corrosive , additive and many other .
A perfect control of the fluid quantity combine with the possibility to add all the necessary additive in the ink formulation it allow to reach the best result in terms of penetration, definition and adhesion.

Viscosity does not affect the proper working of the system and it is a key instrument for the final result.
The software that manages the printer is able to combine with extreme versatility in the same drawing colors and different fluid to create inimitable effects. The operator, via a dedicated interface, is able to handle all the functions of printing, so as to control the quantity of fluid to be applied and the printing speed.

This machine has been developed in order to be used with different ingredients that combined with different line setup can create e infinite working “Tools “ for a unlimited possibility .